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Table for Two: Out Now

THE album, 40 years in the making, is finally available on Spotify and Apple Music! Packed with soothing Brazilian jazz and bossa beats, these recordings serve as an honest look at the past. Regensburger's approach was to capture the emotions that the original writing process held, while resisting urge to modernize everything and lose the original magic.

Featured musicians on the album are as follows:

For Songs Recorded in 2020

Ron Jolly: Piano/Keyboards John Gunther: Tenor Sax Ron Bland: Bass Larry Thompson: Drums Tad Michael Wheeler: Congas MaryLynn Gillaspie: Background Vocals - In a Moment of Time Dan Goodman: Arrangement - Savoir-faire

Love at First Sight Recorded in 1984 Tony Serratore: Keyboard/Celesta M.R. Morris: Bass Tony Pantelis: Drums Steve Wiest: Trumpet MaryLynn Gillaspie, Gaile Gillaspie, Shelly Williams: Background Vocals On a Lovely Day in Paris Recorded in 1985 Dean Ross: Bass John Arcotta: Drums Rod Garnett: Flute Heaven Sent Recorded in 1989 Ellyn Rucker: Piano Spike Robinson: Tenor Sax Dean Ross: Bass Kevin Smith: Drums In a Moment of Time (Alternate Take) Recorded in 1989 Ellyn Rucker: Piano Dean Ross: Bass Kevin Smith: Drums Lynn Skinner: Additional Vocals Steve Romero: Flute

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