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"Nothing in life is too big to tackle, especially our dreams."

- Vohn Regensburger

Vohn Regensburger is a musician, award-winning composer and filmmaker based out of Colorado. His specialties in music include Brazilian music, orchestral film soundtracks, and solo nylon string guitar. His music recordings have been described as boasting "warm sound, infectious rhythms, velvety vocals, and beguiling original melodies" (The Denver Post). His compositions are filled with interesting and unexpected chord patterns, always underlying a unique and soft vocal or guitar melody, making his music very appealing to the fellow musician. He currently plays in and around Denver as a solo guitarist and also as part of Purnell Steen's acclaimed jazz band.


 As a filmmaker and composer Vohn has several award-winning films including Last of the Romantics, A Remarkable Life, and the newest documentary film, The Longest Walk - The Charles Burrell Story. Last of the Romantics in 2007 won several awards, including Hollywood MiniDV Festival's "Best Romance Feature", New York International Independent Film & Video Festival's "Best Feature Film" and "Best Director", and Park City Film Music Festival's "Silver Medal for Artistic Excellence". 

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